Monday, 18 January 2016

Porta Portese Flea Market in Rome, 10 minutes from Penthouse Monteverde

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Its starts in the early hours on Sunday, vendors from all over  set up stall in Porta Portese Flea Market, which is in the Trastevere area of Rome. They sell everything you can possibly imagine: antiques, brash brass and noisy clocks. You can find 18th century paintings (beware of fakes!), capturing local imagery from times that have long gone by. There is something distinctly Roman about the whole experience. Clothes are for sale everywhere. The smell of Italian leather washes over you as you make your way through alleys of colourful bargains. This is an ideal place to buy gifts for loved ones whilst staying in Rome. But keep your eyes wide open. Although Porta Portese Market is generally a safe place to be, pick pockets are very active on Sunday. There is also plenty of food. But you must start your market first with a 'cappuccino and cornetto' at Cafffe Camerino in Largo Alessandro Toja. Porta Portese Market is easy enough to find. Catch tram number 8 tram from Largo Ravizza near Penthouse Monteverde, four stops down towards Piazza Venezia and you are there. The Sunday market in Rome is very well known. One last point about this wonderful Flea Market in Trastevere is be prepared to haggle with the vendors. If you were impressed by the haggling in places like Morroco and Spain, Romans put them both to shame. Remember to hold your ground and not be defeated, because if you show sign of weakness you will lose the battle and lose out on the bargain that your heart is set on purchasing.
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